Voyages Imaginaires L'Echappée Sauvage Eau de Parfum 75ml

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L'Echappée Sauvage Eau de Parfum 75ml from Voyages Imaginaires is a natural men’s fragrance from the Fougère olfactory group was created by Camille Goutal and Isabelle Doyen in 2020.

"Somewhere the Mediterranean... The dazzling sun at its zenith, an exhilarating warm, delicious wind sweeps over the south side of the Island… Air scorches the parasol pines, the wild fig-trees, cracking twigs into merry anarchy. Pine needles crush under bare feet releasing a sensual summer scent." Voyages Imaginaires

℮75 ml - 2.5 Fl.Oz.
(253,33€ / 100 ml)