KOBJA purses, handmade from real toad skins with the goal to upcycle hides of these invasive species in unique fashion accessories, are the creation of Paris-based designer Monika Jarosz, who sets an eco-friendly claim to these luxury accessories. A complex sequence of 14 steps is involved in tanning and transforming the amphibian skins into the finest leather. Precious coloring, assembly, and handcrafted stitching, the setting of Swarovski Crystals, all are performed in exclusive French and Paris laboratories. Each KOBJA purse made from toad skin is unique. Some swear that, by touching KOBJA, something happens to its owner: linked to the deep symbolism of toads in different cultures and ethnic beliefs, the little purse gets a semblance of a talisman. We recognize in KOBJA made from toad leather innovative fashion design, made with artisanal skill and defending an ecological cause. Seen in Vogue and worldwide in exclusive stores and publications.

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