Son Venïn

Discover the essence of Scandinavian heritage fused with the sophistication of southern French perfumery through Son Venïn. Founded in 2016 by Dag Solhaug Laska and Svein Haakon, this independent Norwegian perfume brand delves deep into olfactory memories to create fragrances that evoke vivid sensations, situations, and images. Celebrating a commitment to superior quality, Son Venïn prioritizes the use of the finest natural ingredients to craft its perfumes, ranging from pure and simple compositions to intricate olfactory experiences. Each creation is meticulously handcrafted, from the delicate blends of natural scents to the environmentally conscious paper packaging and elegant glass bottles. Award-winning and globally recognized, Son Venïn continues to set the standard in independent perfumery, with its Posthume perfume winning gold at the 2020 American Art and Olfaction Awards. Immerse yourself in the unparalleled sensory journey that is Son Venïn.