Naomi Goodsir Bois d'Ascèse Eau de Parfum 50ml

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Bois d'Ascèse Eau de Parfum 50 ml from Naomi Goodsir is a natural unisex fragrance from the Amber Woody olfactory group, created by Julien Rasquinet in 2012.


Bois d'Ascèse is a captivating and reassuring perfume through notes of tobacco and whiskey, supported by Somali incense, fall wood, amber, and cistus labdanum. Inspiration is based on a childhood memory of Naomi Goodsir reported to the scent of a wooden church in New South Wales, Australia, with the surrounding countryside ablaze.


℮50 ml - 1.7 Fl.Oz.
( 300,00€ / ℮100 ml)

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