Masahiromaruyama Straight MM-0023 Sunglasses Black/Gold

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MM-0023 1

Sunglasses from Masahiromaruyama. The frames of Masahiro Maruyama collection Straight are hand-sketched, edgy straight lines meet a slightly precarious circle and each piece is a truly unique chef-d'oeuvre. In close-up, when you inspect the glasses as you’d do with a painting, a seemingly illusory perfection reveals harmonious asymmetric design and surprising shortcomings. Straight by Masahiro Maruyama is a tribute to the beauty of imperfection, recognizing the vitalizing impact of error and minimalistic design governed by certain essential rules. Each frame is individually shaped and lustered by a skilled craftsman and the well-balanced construction fits on the face very well. Masahiro Maruyama Straight is a luxurious handcrafted eyewear collection with discreet elegance.