Triumph & Disaster Logic Toner 250ml

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Triumph & Disaster's Logic Toner is formulated with a custom combination of proven actives to balance, brighten, and tone sensitive skin without stripping or drying it, adding much-needed ceremony to the daily regimen. A day-to-day balancing, cleaning, and moisturizing tonic - meaning "Logical" works to balance, regulate, and level out skin tone and look using a custom blend of well-known natural cleansing and toning ingredients. After washing with Ritual Cleanser, apply a splash of Logic Toner on your hands or a cotton ball throughout the day. If you're shaving, be sure to follow up with Logic Toner. After that, use Gameface Moisturizer. Apply a sprinkle of Logic Toner before Dark Moon Hydrating Cream at night. Before using Dark Moon, we recommend letting Logic to fully permeate the skin.

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