19-69 Capri Eau de Parfum 100ml

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Eau de Parfum from 19-69 Nineteen Sixty Nine. CAPRI is one of the best known olfactory creations with a cult status from Swedish artist Johan Bergelin, who encapsulates in a fragrance and its bottle a composition of visual, sensory and colourful impressions and scenic snapshots.
Notes include Aromatic Citrus, intense Bitter and Sweet Orange and spicy floral accents, on the base of deep musk and amber.

19-69 CAPRI is inspired by the film-set of 1963 French-Italian New Wave drama film Le Mépris written and directed by Jean-Luc Godard, capturing the moods of the edgy canons of one of the best-known examples of Italian rationalist architecture, Villa Malaparte, its reckless dangerous position on a cliff, the dazzling reflections of Water and Sun in the Gulf of Salerno and the sensual beauty of BB, distilling them into a seductive, uplifting and stimulating fragrance.

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